All extraordinarily exciting

The emotion will seize you at the first contact, just a few steps and you will immediately find yourself in an unspoiled natural paradise. Extensive valleys, without main roads and inhabited centers, penetrate the Dolomite peaks, raising the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites to the degree of “wilderness”.

The territory, considered of great geological, environmental and naturalistic interest, is characterized by a high degree of wilderness, particularly noticeable thanks to the absence of communication roads (there are only some penetration routes into the valley and service tracks not connected between the large valleys) and difficult to find, by extension, in other areas of the Alps. The chain of Monfalconi with the bell tower of Val Montanaia, the high altitude meadows of "Canpuros", the pastures of the Senons hut and the solitude of the Canali di Meduna make it a unique environment. Surrounded by the spiers of the Monfalconi, which stand out towards the sky in the center of a glacial basin, here rises, solitary and hieratic, the Bell Tower of Val Montanaia, a universally recognized symbol of Val Cimoliana, the heart of the Park. You will be entranced in front of this imposing tower pointing towards the sky, climbed for the first time in 1902 by the Austrians Saar and Von Glanvell, which is today a fundamental destination for every climbing enthusiast.

Surprising are the fossilized dinosaur footprints that can be observed at Casavento, instead to see the curious erosive phenomenon of the books of San Daniele on Monte Borgà you have to climb to an altitude of 2200 meters.

A sign of the high degree of naturalness of the Park environment is the consistency of the golden eagle; in each valley the presence of a breeding pair is estimated. The existence of a well-structured and vital population of golden eagles, detectable by the occupation of all available territories, is an indication of environmental health and the presence of a rich fauna. It is for this reason that the golden eagle has become the symbol of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park.